The Inspiration

A couple of years ago in late October I was in a local ‘dollar store’ picking up accessories to go with my kids’ Halloween costumes. It was early morning and there were only 2 other customers in the store – a mom and her teenage son. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. 

The son was carefully selecting a few items of clothing and both were very conscious of the cost. What I discovered was they were selecting the clothes that were intended to be his Christmas present from his mom.

They were there selecting them that sunny October morning because the mom needed the ensuing weeks to pay a little each week so she could have them for her son for Christmas. They appeared to be having lots of fun and after laying the items away they cheerily left the store... (Continue Reading)


The Deed Challenge:

Operation Good Deed challenges those who can ... to do ... and perform a similar act of kindness. All you have to do is find an anonymous way to assist someone financially. Post the ($)dollar amount to this site with a 140-character description of what you did. Deeds will be Tweeted. It can be anything from paying for someone’s drive through coffee to a tank of oil – there are no limits. The good deed meter will automatically calculate the ‘Deeds In Dollars’. We challenge you to spread good cheer throughout year. Let’s all do a little and make a big difference.

Bubble Tail
  Date Submitted Please Enter Act of Kindness Please Enter the Amount
View 08/06/15 1 0.00
View 08/01/15 1 0.00
View 12/10/14 1 0.00
View 24/09/14 Testing 1
View 11/09/14 1 0.00
View 09/08/14 1 0.00
View 04/08/14 [url=]416[/url] 416
View 01/07/14 1 0.00
View 27/06/14 1 0.00
View 27/06/14 1 0.00
View 20/05/14 1 0.00
View 09/03/14 1 0.00
View 12/06/13 Dropped spare change in bucket of girl standing near Canadian Tire 3.75
View 08/02/13 We usually go dutch, but last week I decided to buy my friends coffee and a cinnamon roll. 6.00
View 30/01/13 Donated my change to the Tim Horton's charity after I purchased my drive thru order 1.75
View 22/01/13 Paid for the order behind me today at Timmies and started a chain! 4.26
View 17/01/13 Donated my change I got from buying 2 stamps. 3.68
View 15/01/13 Donated my Canadian Tire money today at the register! 3.10
View 10/01/13 Paid the bus fair for a teen who didn't have change. 2.00
View 23/12/12 At the mall my son wanted to go on a ride but after telling him yes I realized I didn't have a loonie - a man overheard and handed me one! 1.00
View 22/12/12 Told a friend about the free gift of salvation and how it costs nothing Jesus saves more than Walmart,. At least $5.00 wort 5.00
View 21/12/12 Folks had left a flat of soda pop at the checkout counter as they left. I chased them down to return to them 5.00
View 20/12/12 Took a tray of baked Christmas goodies to 2 bachelors,both lonely men with no close family. 10.00
View 20/12/12 Bought extra fabric for my son's class Christmas project in case any parent didn't have the time or money. 4.00
View 20/12/12 Bought a distressed mom and her toddler lunch. 12.00
View 20/12/12 Left a chocolate bar and a note for the mail carrier. 3.00
View 20/12/12 Chocolate candy cane and Merry Christmas sign tied to the garbage can for our garbage man! 4.00
View 20/12/12 I brought a Tim Horton's (coffee) for the gas station attendant who filled up my van's tank today. 2.00
View 20/12/12 left $20 towards the order of the family behind me inline at the food court ... 20.00
View 20/12/12 left $20 towards the order of the family behind me inline at the food court ... 20.00
View 20/12/12 How about all those beautiful Xmas cards, and personal return address labels sent to you from health care providers. To send what you are abl 15.00
View 20/12/12 The war amps need your help and when they send you a free tag for your valuable keys to be returned to you, they provide this service. A lo 20.00
View 20/12/12 I drop off used towels, blankets, facecloths to the local animal shelter. All shelters are in great need of these items. I also was able to d 10.00
View 19/12/12 dropped off all the shampoo/soap that was new from the last 3 months of business travel at the local shelter 5.00
View 19/12/12 Bought gifts for two teens and one family for Christmas. 500.00
View 17/12/12 Our 'Rock' Band played a concert at Peace Arch Hospital's geriatric unit yesterday. We played a mixture of jazz tunes and xmas Carols 1.00
View 17/12/12 Tipped young guy at gas station who filled my car in the cold 20.00
View 17/12/12 Take my dog to visit the elderly at care homes. Wonderful to see smiles on their faces/ and good for the dog also! 1.00
View 17/12/12 Paid for the person behind me in the drive through 4.34
View 17/12/12 Contributed to the Christmas Hamper at work to help brighten a local families christmas...donated food and toys. 30.00
View 16/12/12 paid for a distraught man's parking at the hospital. They called him to say his mother was dying and nobody would give him change for his $20 7.50
View 16/12/12 I buy coffee for the vehicle behind me at the local coffee shop quite often. 5.00
View 15/12/12 I bought 2 pairs of glasses for my sons friend. His broke and he had them taped to his face to keep me on. 375.00
View 14/12/12 Paid the tim's bill for lady behind me. 3.50
View 13/12/12 Bought a meal for a Homeless man in Moose Jaw 20.00
View 13/12/12 Collected food, nearly new clothes & $$ at our Christmas Party. The Christmas hamper is for a Mom with 2 kids (one has Autism) 40.00
View 13/12/12 Donated 180 to the José Carreras Fundation to fight leukemia 180
View 12/12/12 I helped a senior put a bag of birdseed in her trunk because she could not lift it and she was waiting for a very long time for someone at th 1.00
View 11/12/12 Bought Five Dollar Hamper at Safeways 5.00
View 11/12/12 Bought food for Chritmas Hamper at Work 25.00
View 11/12/12 Bought Two Gifts for Children whose names we found on the Christmas Tree at the Mall. 75.00
View 08/12/12 Found a tool case on the road. Called the number on the side of it. Waited while the owner drove to where I was and collected it. 500.00
View 08/12/12 My wife and I helped a person in NY who belongs o our blogging site and is a dibetic in desperate circumstances. 194.00
View 08/12/12 Every time it snows, I clear all the driveway/sidewalk snow/ice for the senior couple who live next door to me... priceless :) 100.00
View 07/12/12 Emptied my pocket of all my loose change and gave it all to the Salvation Army lady in the mall. 7.50
View 07/12/12 Bought gift card for annual turkey drive 25.00
View 05/12/12 Bought several gifts and many food items for a family my son's school is helping this Christmas. 35.00
View 05/12/12 Gave 3 teddy bears to a kid to throw at a junior hockey game's Teddy Bear Toss 26
View 05/12/12 send a blossoms fruit bouquet who has a bad a cold and a work deadline to meet. 55.51
View 05/12/12 was paying my parking tickets and paid for the ticket of an elderly lady waiting ... left with a big smile 5.00
View 05/12/12 dropped $20 on the street in the oncoming path of a homeless guy who wanders the street outside of my office 20.00
View 05/12/12 Bought the coffee and muffin of the man behind me at drive thru this am 3.76
View 05/12/12 Today I donated $2 to the children's charity food bank at Atlantic Superstore. 2.00
View 30/11/12 Paid for the drive thru order for a lady behind me. It was only an XL, but I saw her smile as I drove away. 2.26
View 22/11/12 Gave my paper boy an extra $5 today. He does a great job and always has my paper in my mailbox, good and early! 5
View 10/11/12 picked up the tab for the older couple beside us at breakfast this am 23.89
View 09/11/12 Dropped a toonie into a homeless guys cup. 2
View 08/11/12 Today I paid for the Tim Horton's drive thru order for the car behind me. 6